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The Restoration Project

Wylo is in need of restoration. Henry started the project in the 70's.
He replaced her rusty iron nails with brass nails and replaced the original keel bolts. The hull and deck were sealed with epoxy resin and covered with sheets of marine ply and a layer of fibreglass matting. Her hull is empty and all fittings and furnishings have been removed. They are stored in his garage with the masts, spars, sails and other bits of rigging. The old petrol engine installed by Tookie in 1947 was beyond repair and has been dumped.


This would be a quick fix, leaving her hull covered with the protective epoxy. The work would include: Complete repair to the hull and deck with epoxy resin and fibreglass matting. Rebuilding hatches and replacing porthole glass. Paint the hull and deck. Varnish the masts, spars and replacing the sheets. Reinstall her interior fittings and varnish. Fit a reconditioned diesel engine, get her safety equipment and launch her. She would be sailable, but not very original an not of much historical value.


This is a complete restoration of Wylo to her original condition.  The plywood panels have to be removed and the epoxy has to be grind out between the planks and replaced with caulking. She need new hatches built and the porthole windows replaced. She has to be painted from top to bottom. Her interior has to be repainted and revarnished. Her masts and spars need varnishing and the sails, sheets and some blocks replaced. Wylo needs a new diesel engine and safety equipment. Historical she would be of great value and can be used for exhibitions, demonstration sails and enthusiasts trips.