During March 2011 we did a survey of Wylo's equipment. We knew that her interior was empty and the old petrol engine had been dumped. However, we did find a huge amount of stuff including:

The original blueprints
New spruce masts and booms
A serviceable diesel engine
The original blocks
The old flax sails
A new set of sails
Stainless steel rigging
Stainless steel tanks
The original Wale pumps
Many coils of rope

The garage held a huge amount of fittings. It was not possible to go through all the boxes, crates and whatever was in the attic at the time, but it appears that most fittings were there and all in a serviceable condition.

We did not find any interior fittings and furnishings, but it is unlikely that they got lost. I think that most of them are hidden somewhere in this Aladdin's Cave.

 The original blueprint plans by RUDDER Publishing Co. New York


Wylo is a "SEAGOER"


The painted masts and boom are new. The scruffy one is the original main mast.


This converted Mercedes 190 or 240 Diesel looks very serviceable.

The original blocks, possibly made by Frank Whightman himself.


Three original flax sails and a full set of new sails